The Best Email Web Email Sites Around The World

Email is one of the most efficient means of communication as it has facilitated effective means of information sharing between businesses, government organizations and also personal uses. With an email, you can send and receive confidential information without delays. Email services have been applied in various uses such as product promotions and even live chatting, in fact, you can do anything to facilitate your efforts in achieving your goals. Many different email services providers are available and deliver quality services, but we are going to look at the best web email sites here.


It is one of the most famous email service providers used by millions of users. Gmail allows you to customize your account by installing your favorite themes and several features. It provides a great way to share messages with the cloud storage facility, the google drive of 15 GB where you can back up all your important data from other devices making it easier to share your data up to 10 GB.

Gmail provides safe security measures that help you secure your account. You can import emails from various accounts and even access your messages when you are offline if you have the Gmail Offline. It provides unlimited means to integrate with many features like hangout, chat, Google+ that all play the role of improving your services to more efficient way.


This is another free email service provider who offers you 1TB free storage to keep your files. It is easy to compose emails whereby you can attach your files from Dropbox and your computer storage without leaving the message window. There are thousands of themes which you can use to customize your account making a unique design. Yahoo allows you to import contacts from your computer, Google, Outlook, and Facebook which makes it easy to transfer contacts. You can create about 500 disposable addresses linked to your email address without including your name thus avoiding spamming to the main account if you frequently sign up to many web accounts. It also gives access to the online calendar which is a note-taking app. There is a downloadable version of Yahoo Mail available if you want to access your Yahoo mail from your desktop.

Outlook Mail

This is Microsoft’s free email service that offers you excellent color schemes to chose from. It is easy to compose messages, and you can make personal settings that allow you to move new messages to a selected folder automatically, categorize your messages, flag them or even forward the messages it the conditions you have set are met. Outlook allows you to connect easily to services like Skype, Facebook, and other massaging services to help you stay connected. You can also add additional important plugins such as PayPal, Trello while accessing all Microsoft services via Outlook mail.

AOL Mail

This is another email service provider who reveals a beautiful interface displaying the top news on AOL. They provide a quick way to filter your messages as read, flagged or unflagged and multiple settings to customize your account. You can control everyone sending you emails by enabling the reading pane and blocking emails containing specified words. You can view the POP and IMAP servers which are vital when using AOL email service with offline clients, a feature you cannot find on other email service providers. You also have a to-do list calendar which helps you plan your activities efficiently.

These are the best web email sites available that you can choose for your business or personal use. You will be glad to find that there is a lot that you can do with these service providers, try one of them and you will never miss an important message you are anticipating.

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