Minecraft Survival Maps – What You Ought to Know

Minecraft is a unique game as it’s not only a sandbox game, but it’s also a “platform” game. This means that anyone can create a game on top of the “vanilla” Minecraft. These days, survival maps are getting more and more popular.

In this article, we are going to cover the subject of survival maps, how you can better survive in such maps and we’d also list a few popular Minecraft survival maps.

What Is A Minecraft Survival Map?

A survival map is just like any Minecraft game and that means most of the things you can do on a regular map, you can also do in a survival map. The biggest difference with survival map is the fact that it’s a special Minecraft map designed to be more difficult to survive when compared other types of map.

As the name suggests, your primary goal is to survive. But unlike other maps, you need to survive so you can complete the goal of the map. Generally, the creator of the map will pre-determine the goal or challenges of the map. Keep in mind that survival maps are very varied. This means that some might have a time limit, some will allow day cycles, some will put you on a map with little resources and much more. Some map creators will even create a backstory for the map, which greatly enhances the fun factor.

The best thing you can do before you start a survival map is to read the instructions. In some maps, you may have to alter a few game settings. Now that you have a bit of idea of what is a survival map, let’s cover where you can get hold of these survival maps.

Where Can I Get Minecraft Survival Maps?

Since anyone can create a map in Minecraft, there are tons of places to download a survival map. However, we suggest that you start looking for survival maps in some of the major Minecraft Map directories and sites:

These sites have a huge collection of survival maps and other Minecraft maps. They also have a voting system and a feedback section so you’ll have a better idea if a certain is survival map is poorly or excellently made. Before you download a survival map, you might want to check our next section so you’ll have a better chance of surviving.

How To Better Survive A Survival Map?

Keep in mind that every survival map is different so some of these tips might not apply.

  • The first thing you should do when you spawn is to check the perimeter for wood and start collecting some.
  • Make a crafting table, then a wooden pickaxe and a sword in that order.
  • Find, hunt and collect all the food you can find.
  • Find and start mining coal and stone.
  • If it starts to get dark, use the hole that resulted from your mining as a shelter.
  • Make a furnace so you can cook your food.

After you have completed the steps above, your chances of surviving for the long-term has increased tremendously. From then on, you can proceed with the goals that were set by the map’s creator.

Now that you have a good idea of what is a Minecraft survival map and learned a few tips on you could better survive the initial stages, we’ll cover some of the popular survival maps.

Popular Minecraft Survival Maps

  1. SkyBlock – this is one of the most popular survival maps for a good reason, you’ll be spawned on a floating island. You also need to survive the perils of the island. Your skills and patience are also going to be tested as you will need to complete the challenges using only the resources that are available to you.
  2. Cube Survival – this map has an interesting goal. It has 7 different types of biomes encased in a cube. Each cube is connected to the next. Within each cube, there’s a hidden chest that you must find. The chest has goodies and obsidian blocks. You need to collect all the obsidian blocks to travel to Hell and accomplish your main goal, which is to destroy the Book of the Damned
  3. Stranded Raft – in this map, you’ll find yourself spawned in a floating raft somewhere within the Pacific Ocean. You will need to stay alive by obtaining food, water, and thermoregulation. You also need to defend yourself from animals.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you already have a good idea of what survival maps are all about, how to survive the initial stages and a few examples of popular survival maps. If you are a bit bored with the regular Minecraft game and you want something of a challenge, then survival maps are definitely worth trying.

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