How to Change Your Player Skin in the Minecraft Game

When playing Minecraft, you are able to see your character by simply pressing F5 twice in succession. Thus you are able to customize how your character appears. In other words, you may fancy changing your Minecraft player skin. It is therefore wise to understand how this can be achieved.

If you are playing Minecraft on a desktop, Console or from a mobile browser you will need to open the Minecraft Skindex site, which takes you to the skin library. It is on this very site that you will have the opportunity to click on the skin on your preferred skin for your Minecraft character.

However, this is not the only way to make your choice. You may also go for a search for that specific skin that you prefer using the search bar appearing at the very top of the page.

In addition, should you be interested in viewing a long list of available skins, you have to click the one appearing on the top and which is the latest. This long list is located on the upper left side of the page. After you have identified the skin of your choice, click the button appearing at the right side of your skins page to download the skins file to the location of your choice.

From this point, open the Minecraft website and click an icon in the top right corner of this very page such that a drop-down menu appears with the profile option at the top of this drop-down menu.

Clicking on this will then be able to take you to the skin page where you will be asked to log in before continuing. This points to customizing your skins since your address and password will be needed. It is from this level that you must click on select a file which presents in the form of a white button almost at the very bottom of the screen. Remember that there was a skin file that you downloaded?

Just so you don’t forget, go to your downloads folder which is in your computer’s default settings, locate the downloaded skin file and click on it. It is on this page that you go to the bottom of your window and click on open in the far right corner.

This ensures that your skin file gets uploaded to this profile page. It is important to note that the reason it uploads to the profile page is that it is now customized only to you.

After this, go to the white button near the bottom of this page and click on it since it is the upload button. There you are the skin now changes to your current accounts character. Just to be assured of the changes, you will your uploaded skin on your character whenever you do a login on your computer whenever you use the updated account credentials as you used in your profile.

While using your mobile browser, you will have to open Firefox or Google Chrome whichever is your preferred browser to access the Skindex site.

With the mobile browser, you just need to tap on the skin you wish to download. After that then go to the upper right side of the page on display which in this case is the skins page and then tap Download.

It does open a new browser tab which contains the skins image. You need to tap and hold this skin’s image until you receive a prompt to save the image which you will do by simply tapping the prompt.

From here, open the Minecraft PE homepage through an icon resembling this block of dirt with grass on top. Look for the coat hanger icon on the lower-right side of the screen and tap on it. A blank skin icon will appear in the top-left corner of the screen.

It is at this point that you will tap Choose New Skin which is a button on the right side of the screen. Now select your saved skin by tapping the image of the skin that you earlier downloaded. Tap on the skin models appearing in the pop-up window then tap the confirm button at the bottom of your screen this has to be on the right side of the screen. Now you have set your selected skin which is your character’s default.

If you are setting on the console, just select the Minecraft game from your console library and insert the Minecraft disk into your console. Select Help and Options from the Minecraft’s front page. Select Change Skin to open a page with Skin Packs. Select a skin pack from the different packs presented keeping in mind that some skins up for selection are not for free. Now press A (Xbox) or X (Play Station) to set these selected skins as your character default.

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