Finding the Best Discord Bots to Improve Your Server

A Discord bot is one of the most popular platforms used by global gamers to improve the productivity of their Discord server. Discord, which has generated a lot of excitement in the gaming community, is highly customizable and robust by nature as it can be used on any server to improve its functionalities. They can help not only in managing your server better than before but also in adding-on features to add fun in its use. In order to find the best discord bots to improve the productivity of your server let us review some of the popular discord bots to help you in this regard.


Tatsumaki is an extremely powerful discord bot which is used by many online streamers of the games.

Tatsumaki Discord Bot

It can increase lots of commands for setting notifications and welcome messages along with moderation of the server as well as improving various other features. It also allows you to change the settings of your bot by using a dedicated dashboard along with using RSS feed to remain up to date and search the web within the discord. The incentive system of this Discord bot pushes the users to use more active server by earning levels and XP. A visually good looking card can show your standing on a discord which can be used for interacting with other users.

GAwesome Bot

GAwesome is one of the discord bots which can be used for various purposes. This powerful bot is highly customizable as it can be used for add lots of fun features to increase the activity of the users on the server along with chatting perfectly in moderation. It can also award or ban ranks along with generating sick memes and conducting giveaways and polls. The best part of this discord bot is its strong extension system as it can show results from Wikipedia, Google, Reddit and YouTube etc. along with organizing the RSS feeds of your own in-chat custom.


MeMezBot is the right discord bot for you if you want to enjoy the fun memes as it allows you to share quality memes in the community of your discord. But it can also post poor quality memes if you are not careful in this regard. Some of the popular memes shared by this bot may include doggo and cats etc. to make your conversation a bit spicy. You can also use its voice channel to tell stories of someone’s life and randomly share sounds etc.

Dyno Bot

It can upgrade the capabilities of your server after setting it up on it. It allows you to control the features of a dedicated dashboard completely like controlling bans and tined mutes along with auto moderation with Mod log etc. due to its feature rich construction. It can also help in detecting the mass raid of spam in your chatting community. It can also be used for broadcasting customized announcements if someone is banned or joins the server. It can also post the statutes of AFK and assign roles to the users on your behalf.


This discord bot can allow the gamers to share their stats with their friends along with setting up a profile of their assumed gaming name.

GameStats Discord Bot

It can also allow you to see the stats of various games including Rust, PUBG, Paragon, Rainbow Six: Seige, Xbox Live and World of Worships etc. However you may take some time to be familiar with its commands which are a bit different from others.


This discord bot is a complete package as it focuses on various essential things on our life like productivity, chat, fun and GIFs. The best feature of this bot is its ability to play XHD or extra HD Wi-Fi music and videos. So it is the best bot for your server if you are a music freak. You can use it whenever you want to listen to some tunes by pausing the music playing on your music system automatically.

Thus, the reviews of some of the best discord bots provided in this write-up can help you in selecting the most suitable one for your personal use. By comparing the features of some of the discord bots available in the market you can easily find the best discord bot for improving the productivity of your server.

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