A Few Options for Kickass Torrents Refugees

Wondering where to go when Kickass Torrents is no more?

Kickass Torrents is one of the most visited websites on the Internet, which is pretty impressive. But recently, it all arrived crumbling down for kickass when Apple Inc. lodged issues against Artem Vaulin, the owner. The plaintiffs wanted the identity and information of a user who had downloaded illegal material through KAT.

Mr. Vaulin was caught in Poland and the KAT website domains were seized and disconnected.

While KAT was an instrumental avenue for torrent download, there are additional websites that you can still get the services. Below, we are going to look at how to keep yourself safe while downloading torrents and kickass torrent alternatives.

Here are a few of the safety suggestions when you’re looking to torrent files;

Browse the comments section

The internet is great for sharing pictures, music and all other kinds of files, but, it’s also a great source of information. You can use the feedback section to tell you more than just the quality of the file you wish to download. More often than not, people who downloaded the documents prior to you will have something to say. If for instance, you see comments warning about downloading the torrent, steer clear off it.

Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If you can, purchase a VPN. What this will do is hide your IP address, making it difficult for anyone to find your identity or locale. You can purchase a VPN, but ensure you check for its credibility as there have been reported instances of users still getting warning emails despite using a VPN.

Shun the prevalent torrents

It’s appealing to pick the most downloaded torrent. True, this may be the best when it comes to quality, but keep in mind that the most downloaded torrent is also the most monitored. You risk receiving warning emails if you choose the top coating torrent. The most effective way is to go lower on the list, search for a torrent that doesn’t have quite as many downloads while still keeping the higher quality. If that isn’t an applicable remedy, then ensure you have a VPN.

Lay Low

If you get an intimidating letter and/or email, usually do not respond to it. If you react to the e-mail or letter, you will confirm your existence as well as your concern. Additionally, you admit you are the individual targeted by the stated email, as a result accepting responsibility. Given that they send a sizable amount of mail, almost all the ignored types stay ignored.

Now that you understand how to remain safe even though downloading torrents, let’s appearance in a few alternatives and you could get downloading.


ExtraTorrent has received reputation within the torrent communities after alleged rumors that it had been the house to the ETRG and EETV discharge groups. ExtraTorrent includes a wide range data source that offers movies, Television shows, games, books and even more.

ExtraTorrent is a superb alternate to KAT since it comes with an appealing and user-friendly user interface that eases your projects. It also comes with an FAQ tab to assist you with navigation of the website.

Torrent Hound

Torrent Hound isn’t as well-known as KAT or ExtraTorrent, nonetheless, it is an excellent alternative for all torrent addicts. It provides great results when searching for the most recent movies and it series shows.


Isohunt comes as an excellent substitute to KAT as it gives downloaders with solutions to maximize their privacy while downloading files. Apart from their massive torrent library, they also have a community that you can sign up to and be involved in the group’s discussions.

It comes highly recommended for music and publication lovers.


It offers a great alternative to KAT, but you shouldn’t confuse it with the more popular YIFY or YTF group. The official YTF and YIFY group owners have been categorical in separating themselves from the YTS. AG domain.

YTS.AG gives all categories of YIFY torrents in 720P, 1080P and 3D qualities using YTS movie torrents.

The Pirate Bay

TBP suffered the same case mainly because that KAT is currently facing, but was able to make a comeback in early 2015. The return saw a better service and more torrents. It hosts a huge library in comparison to additional alternatives but doesn’t quite match kickass torrents’ library.

You can also check out KAT clones. Such include; kat. how, torrentz2. eu, kickass. cd and kickasstorrents.to.

And always keep in mind the need to observe the safety rules while downloading any torrents.

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